ZooToo – Social Network For Pet Owners

There are lot of social network sites popping up on the internet. You have the big guys such as Facebook, Myspace & Bebo but you also have smaller ones that are aimed at a certain group of people. There is a new social network site that is dedicated to pet owners called ZooToo.

Recently becoming a pet owner again I was eager to connect with other pet owners to swap tips and advice on how to raise my little puppy to live a good life. Signing up was incredibly easy and simply, in fact it was even more simple than signing up to Facebook or Myspace.

One draw back about signing up was they only seem to accept people who live in the United States, this is a shame that they are yet to offer this potentially excellent service to other countries that have a reputation for loving their pets more than each other, like the United Kingdom for instance. :)

Unlike Myspace and Bebo they do not allow you to add CSS to change the layout, in my opinion this is great as this is one of the reasons why most people hate Myspace and Bebo. They allow you to make slight changes but that is it this means the pages load faster. :)

They have the same features that you can find on other social network sites such as blog, photo gallery, events, groups, but they also offer other features such as the ability to connect with charities and shelters an donate your points to them.

If you are an animal lover or have pets of your own then this site, when it gets popular, could be of great use to you so why not sign up today, after all it is free. :)

Image by Cedric Clooth from Pixabay

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