Zombie Runner?

I was contacted over the weekend by two Maltese football clubs asking if I could set up web sites for them, it is nice to see people approaching me now, nobody is paying yet, but it is still nice to have a handful of clubs on my portfolio and I will be earning enough from the ads on their sites to pay for the hosting.

After lunch I went for a run through Vicky Park, I took the dog with me, but she hated it so I had to take her home and then go back out to finish my run. What kind of a dog is scared of going out? Do dogs even get agoraphobia?

I managed to complete five miles at an average of 11 minutes and 14 seconds per mile, which is not bad considering I’m a fat cunt who does hardly any exercise since he was unceremoniously booted from three football clubs at once two years ago. It should be noted that I was using markers so that every 200-300 yards I would stop for a 30 second power walk.

What was rather bizarre was that after doing the run I did not receive any aches or pains that I normally get when I do any form of exercise, does this mean that I am fitter than I initially imagined? Or did I die and I am now living as a benevolent (if somewhat grumpy) zombie?

Photo by Eran Becker from FreeImages

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