You’re Our Town Noooooooow

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]To make up for my disappointment at not going to Ireland to watch Millwall I booked myself a ticket to go and watch them take on Crawley Town instead, due to preseason training starting next weekend I won’t be able to go to the Exeter and Southend games.

I arrived at Victoria station over an hour early for my train so I took the opportunity to have a quiet pint in The Iron Duke, a little pub that is located inside the station. The only reason I drink in this pub is because they are the only pub open before 8am in the area that immediately serves beer.

The prices are astronomical, they charged me £4.90 for a pint of London Pride! £4.90! I queried it because I thought it was a mistake, I thought maybe she had put down a different order, but I was wrong. As I walked upstairs I saw a bloke being charged £4.70 for a pint of Guinness that had no head on it, is that even possible?

To stop people from coming in off the street just to use the toilets (toilets n the station cost 40p) they have put a combination lock on the doors and you have to ask at the bar for the combination and show them your drink or food you have ordered. When I went in the lock wasn’t working so they locked the toilets with a key and you had to be walked to the toilet and be let in and out by the staff like a child would be by their mum or dad when they were about 6!

I had the whole top floor to myself and sitting by a big window that overlooks the outside of the station, I like sitting here to watch the world go by but I just wish I could do it once with a nice beer. The London Pride was as flat as a witches tit!

Getting on the train, and while I was on it, I did not notice any other Millwall fans but when I got off about 300+ of us appeared out of nowhere, it was quite a sight to see the look on the faces of the locals as 300+ Millwall fans did the ‘Millwall bowl’ down the road to the bus station.

Once we had secured our tickets we strolled round to the clubhouse to sink a couple of beers before taking our seats. Four Metropolitan police officers turned up and seemed VERY angry that the club allowed Millwall fans to mingle and drink with Crawley Town fans but there were no problems, the only incident was a bloke who fell over and everyone cheered and laughed at him in unison.

If you treat football fans like humans then you will get good behaviour, treat us like animals and we’ll happily oblige.

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