Your Phone is in a Queue

I popped into the computer/phone shop today to pick up my phone and was amazed when the man behind the counter informed me that it was not ready yet, if it was not ready why did the owner phone me and tell me it would be finished by Saturday? I looked over his shoulder and saw my phone sitting on a table with the new screen next to it. I enquired how long it would take and was astounded when he replied “two weeks”!

I asked him how it could take that long when my phone was sitting a couple of feet behind him with a replacement screen next to him and was given a weak reply about the man who fixes the phones being away for two weeks. I might just have believed that if the guy I was talking to wasn’t fixing a phone as he was talking to me.

I told him that I would come in on Tuesday and if my phone was not ready by then I would take it elsewhere and would not give him any money, I think my phone will get to the front of the queue now, because they had to pay to order the replacement screen so they will be out of pocket until they get another HTC Radar phone to repair – which might be a long wait.

To be honest I haven’t missed my phone at all, some people compare being without their phone to losing a limb, but I actually enjoy leaving my phone at home, I only own a phone out of necessity. Although saying that I have missed the apps that I have on my phone, it takes twice as long to put bets on for my dad now.

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