You Ready To Vote Tomorrow?

I hope that anyone who lives in the London area is going to vote tomorrow. πŸ™‚ This is your chance to change things around and give your point of view forward to the people who run our country and services.

I have already vote, I actually voted last week because I vote via post I get my voting ballots through about 10 days earlier than the polling day. This means I do not have to line up with you other rude people who think it is OK to jump the queue and try and talk other people out of who they are going to vote for.

My dad also votes via post and although he has lived here since the early 60s and has never voted once I forced him to fill in the ballet papers (well I nagged him until he did it just to stop me moaning at him) and I sent them both off last Wednesday.

The Mayor race is going to be either Boris Johnson or Ken Livingston. They both make decent arguments. I disagree with Ken’s statement that he has improved the public transport system, I get it every week you have improved nothing and you regularly increase the fares!

Make sure you al vote guys, it really can make a difference.

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

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