You Can Do A Degree Online Now?

I messed up my education. Although I left school with lots of qualifications none of them are recognised due to the school trying to save money here and there. So basically I left school with no recognised qualifications at all.

I was only given the opportunity to go to gardening college which is not what I wanted at all so I slipped into various manual jobs. People keep telling me I should go back to college but that is something that concerns me as I’m 31 this year.

But I’ve heard some really good things about online university degree courses that you can now take from the comfort of your own home and even complete them in your own time instead of having a deadline.

This is something that does appeal to me, I wouldn’t have to sit in a classroom with lots of 18 years old being laughed at.

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Image by robtowne0 from Pixabay

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