Yo Adrian! I Did It!

I am very proud of myself at this moment in time. For today marks the 50th consecutive day that I have gone without alcohol.

That may not sound like much of an achievement, as there are possibly millions of people around the world who barely touch the stuff or actually never touch it, but for someone like myself who drinks on a regular basis it is a big deal.

I embarked on my stint of being a sober sod for three main reasons.

1. I had put on a huge amount of weight due to the amount of alcohol that I drank in 2008. I’m not talking a couple of pounds either, I’m talking none-of-my-clothes-fit-me-anymore kind of weight gain.

I have now lost almost two stone since.

2. I needed to save a bit of money as I am out of work and did not have a lot of money coming in, only the money I get from working online which was a bit flat at the time.

3. The most important reason was to simply prove to myself that I could go a length of time without having to have to drink alcohol. I had gained a bit of a reputation from somewhere as an alcoholic. It was a bit insulting since I was always with Reiss!

What really struck me was just how many people refused to believe that I was actually capable of doing this. As the days rolled on I would post small updates on my Facebook status, twitter, blog and even on my MSN display name yet people refused to believe that I could go any length of time without a drink.

I even had Reiss trying to insult me on a host of occasions in a desperate bid to get me to come out and drink with him. Even Alan (Jayson’s dad) tried to hurl jibes and insults at me through Facebook Chat.

But I eventually did it

And tonight I intend to celebrate by having a few beers with Will. I am hoping that one taste of beer does not send me crazy and I find myself going nuts and drinking until I am a proper buffalo again!

I have my nephew to look after as well tonight so I think I will just force myself to stop at a couple and then try to catch the last train home.

But anyway GO ME!

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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