Yes I’m Still Alive – And Making Lots of Choices

It has been a while since I last created a blog post on here (December 4th if you care). This would NEVER happen on Richard Herring’s blogs – he hasn’t missed a day in about 11 or 12 years!), but I have been super busy.

I have been working on getting back on track with my other sites, I was picking and choosing when to work on them (when I needed a bit of extra cash, if I’m being honest), but now I am trying to work on them on a regular basis so that they start paying me back for the money I’m investing in them.

I’ve also been working out where I want to go with my running, my football, and my life in general.

I have come to the realisation that my footballing days are long behind me. I’ll still be looking to join in training sessions whenever I can, but my playing time is done. How can you fight for places when the playing field isn’t level?

I’m really enjoying my running, I regularly take part in weekly 5K runs on a Saturday morning at Mile End Stadium, and I still continue with my monthly 10k runs. I’m also looking at adding a few one mile races to the list this year, and of course there is the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships to look forward to in March.

I was beginning to slack off on my training runs by skipping the long run on a Monday, but I had a long hard think at the end of December and I want to continue and improve, but that can only happen if I am prepared to put in the work in training.

I’m in the process of joining a running club called Victoria Park Harriers, and I’m following a much more enjoyable training schedule which mixes up my runs so I’m not always running the same route multiple times every day. I’ve also decided to only run races this year that hold a UKA license – this is to test myself against the best runners at my level.

Things have been stressed at home lately and I think it is time for me to fly the nest and allow dad to have the professional care that he has been demanding for the past 20 years, especially now that he is due to have heart surgery and isn’t confident in the thought of me looking after him, he wants someone to be by his side 24 hours a day and that cant be me – I’d go nuts!

If anyone fancies buying me a late Christmas present, then this mtd 6 string electric bass would make me the happiest guy in London!

Photo by Eran Becker from FreeImages

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