Wrongly Accused & Soaking Wet

It didn’t stop raining all day and I decided to stay in and spend the evening working because I don’t use umbrellas and didn’t fancy getting soaking wet for any amount of beer. I changed my mind later on and decided to head off to The Mucky Pup with Reiss. I got soaked just from the short journey across the estate to his flat so I was dreading how wet I was going to get on the way to the bus stop.

I got soaked. I was wearing a t-shirt, a jumper and a thick coat and the rain had soaked through all three layers, I bought some tissues from a shop to dry my face, but I was hoping that the pub would have their heating on in order to dry my coat and jumper. They didn’t so I had to put them over the back of a chair and hope for the best.

I don’t know if it was lack of sleep, too much drink on an empty stomach, or if the Moon had moved into a certain position, but Reiss was in a very grumpy mood (stealing my gimmick, I’m the grumpy one in our relationship!), a mood I had not seen him in before as he even mentioned fighting some drunk Turkish bloke who was being a little bit of a pain, but nothing to get upset about.

On the way home we met a woman at the bus stop who was asking people to use their phone to contact her boyfriend, she contacted him on my phone and then got him to ring her phone, she handed me my phone back and then a couple of minutes later drunkenly walked off. Reiss chased after her and was having an argument with her while I decided to keep dry under the bus shelter.

It seemed that Reiss was convinced she had stolen my phone and was trying to get it back off her, well I thought this is what he was doing as I thought he was saying “where is my mate’s phone”, when he came back to me I waved my phone at him and told him he was a knob head. He said something about he thought she has stolen the phone of a little old man next to us, but he got his phone out and said he still had it. So in reality he had scared a woman by chasing her down the street screaming “where is my man’s phone?” in her face for no reason.

Going out with Reiss is never boring. 🙂

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