Wrong Frame Of Mind

Days Without Alcohol: 37

I’m supposed to be writing a book but the truth is I have not even started writing it yet. Everytime I try to sit down to write it I manage to find something else that I convince myself is far more important.

Take today for instance; I convinced myself that taking my dog to the park, cleaning up the house, going to the local shop, sending some text messages, messing about on Twitter & reading some blogs were all so much more important than writing this book.

I am also looking at getting everything ready for tomorrow as this is when Bethnal Green Celtic take their first training session. I am still bricking it as I have this feeling that no fucker is going to turn up.

My brother Wayne has come to stay for the night, possibly to ensure that I actually turn up to do the coaching session and don’t have some form of panic attack and run for the hills at high speed.

I have everything ready, I’ve pumped up the training balls, I’ve put the markers in a bag and I’ve got my training kit all ready for me to get muddy and wet. I even walked down to the part of Victoria Park that we are using to check on the condition of the gourd and find out the name of the nearest entrance gate (Crown Gate (East)) so I could email everyone to let them know where we will be.

Wish me luck guys. :-)

Just as I was about to post this I received a text message from Reiss telling me that he will not be at training as he has just realised it will clash with the Arsenal/Tottenham game. It is a good job I told Wayne that Reiss would not come and to put him down as ‘not coming’ last week!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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