Wrestlers Are All Pussies?

I was taking part in a message board discussion over at ukff.com today about tough wrestlers. I brought up Les Kellett, a favourite of mine back when World Of Sport was on ITV on Saturday afternoon, and someone posted this story about him.

Les had a pig farm and one day he was bitten by one of the sow’s so he taped it up and thought nothing of it. Les goes to an arena to do a show about 3 days later and by now his hand has swollen to twice its normal size and is filled with puss.

The promoter, quite rightly, tells Les you’re not working tonight with that, so Les tells him to give him two minutes. Les goes back in the locker room and gets another wrestler to stomp – I repeat stomp – on his hand which bursts the bag full of puss and then Les goes back to the promoter and shows him his newly fixed hand and works the show that night.

Who said that wrestlers are a bunch of gay pansies?

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