Wounded by a One-Year Old

We went into town to pick up another tin of paint, weirdly even though we picked up the same tin of paint from the same range as the one we picked up yesterday, it cost about £10.00 less than it did yesterday. I didn’t complain though I just paid for it and slipped out before they noticed the error, but we couldn’t leave because the doors would not open, had they become aware of the error and locked the doors to stop me escaping with my extra £10.00?

It turned out that the doors were not working properly and a member of staff came over and turned a key to open the electric doors, I had managed to get away with the extra £10.00 – take that B&Q.

Yesterday while at the garden party I was playing with one of the babies (he is one, is that still a baby?) and he was attacking me with a balloon and suddenly I felt a shooting pain in my shoulder, I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder covering my head to protect me from a balloon attack from a one-year old baby!

It was difficult painting with my right arm unable to move due to the unprovoked attack, but I managed it at a very slow pace. The walls are not as good as they could be because of the cheap paint, but it is definitely an improvement, next time I’m up I’ll paint the woodwork.

It is taking longer than I thought, but it is coming together nicely. :)

Photo by Csuka András from FreeImages

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