Worse Than Animals

While we were waiting for the washing machine repairman to come out I decided that we would start having a tidy up of the garden. After about 10 minutes I wish I had not bothered as we found a pile of sick.

At first, I thought it might have been my nephew or one of his friends, but on further investigation, I realised that someone had thrown up over their balcony as it was also on the side of the building as well.

Who even does that? Who sits at home and thinks “hold up, I’m going to be sick, I won’t bother going to the toilet, I’ll just go outside and hurl into that cunt’s garden.”

People think that I’m exaggerating when I say that I live among animals.

I remember using that analogy once while clearing up human shit at work, I was quickly informed that no animal would just shit anywhere, they go into a corner.

So, they are worse than animals.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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