Working My Way Through Edinburgh Fringe Festival Next Year?

Earlier this year I blogged about my experience when it came to trying to arrange to go up to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that happens up there every year and is quite a big thing for stand-up comedians.

My attempt was futile because it was just far too expensive for me to do it, the hotels and B&Bs really do pump up the prices because they know that the festival is very popular and people will pay their inflated prices (£160 a night to stay in a Travelodge?!). Some people even rent out their apartments for huge amounts while they go on holiday to Spain or somewhere else hot.

While I was moaning about this to someone recently they said that maybe I should try and find a job while I’m up there which would help lessen the burden on my wallet. This is something that quite a few people do, they will take on flyer jobs or bar jobs in order to help pay for their accommodation.

I wasn’t sure where I would go to find such jobs but then I thought about checking out some sites like the official Edinburgh festival and even sites like who specialise in offering up Edinburgh jobs.

You can also find jobs in other areas via this site and you don’t really need to go anywhere else as it is pretty much one big search engine that will link you to jobs from most of the major employment sites online.

Photo by Nick Fletcher from FreeImages

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