Work Is Going Well

I was invited to a wedding (well my name was on a first draft shortlist, not sure if I would have made it to the final list). I did not reply straight away, I actually thought about it most of the weekend before deciding not to go. I had no way of contacting the person so I had to send his best man a direct message on Twitter asking him to tell him for me. Not a very nice thing to do but I thought it would be better than just not replying at all.

I’m not really in the best of sociable moods these days, I haven’t been for quite a while as it happens. A wedding is meant to be the happiest day of your life and they don’t want me there spoiling their big day by being a grumpy and moody bastard. With plenty of alcohol available it is even more imperative that I stay away.

I know Reiss is going so I’ll buy them a wedding present send it up with him as he said he would take it for me. I will make sure Alfie & Eddie know it is from me otherwise Reiss will swap presents and palm mine off as his! I know him!

I am in a slightly better mood than I was on Friday, maybe the fog is starting to lift. I’ve been here before though and it never lasts long so it is best to enjoy it while it lasts. It might even change on Saturday as I pencilled in going to Archway on Saturday to a music gig. I went to a comedy show there the previous Saturday and had a miserable time sat at the back. Also Millwall are playing Leeds United live on Sky Sports, although we’ve lost so often this season I’m used to it by now!

I’m going to meet someone in The Bald Faced Stag in East Finchley, watch the Millwall/Leeds game in there and then head into Archway and then we will split as he is going to Camden to Underworld and I’m going to that music gig in Archway.

I’m only meeting him because I can pretend I’m socialising with people, and being normal, when in actual fact I’m only interested in watching Millwall. I can use people too you know. 🙂

Work is going well. The cleaning staff are very nice. Laura keeps ‘awwwing’ at me because I’m so quiet and shy in the office, two of the Nigerian women have slapped me on the arm for mentioning I’m on a diet and one of the Nigerian blokes keeps looking at my arse.

The boss and the supervisor both told me separately that they are really pleased with the work I’ve been doing and when I took my time sheet to the employment agency today Nicola also told me that they had phoned to personally say how good I had been doing.

That perked me up a bit. Not the bit about the guy staring at my arse, I did not like that and anybody who says I did is lying!

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