Woah! We’re Going to ….. Seaford

Today I booked my hotel room and my train tickets to Seaford for the Bowden House School reunion that will be taking place on June 29th, the school is having their yearly open day so we are going to pop along and then go into town and get absolutely steaming drunk and talk about school days. 🙂

A lot of the people coming are going to come up and go home on the same day, but a guy called Jason and myself have booked rooms so we will be spending the night in the town, no looking at our watches for the last trains home for us.

I plan on doing a few things that I used to do when I was there, I’m going to drink alcohol on the train down to Seaford, I will drink a can of beer on the long walk up Firle Road, I will smoke a cigarette without the teachers spotting me, and I will go into town and fail spectacularly with the ladies. My girlfriend will be happy about that last one.

After paying for the hotel and train tickets it was time to take advantage of the sun and get into the garden to put up some fencing to fence off the little veggie garden that I have planted, it was rather difficult to plant the seeds so I used some unthreaded spacers that my sister’s boyfriend had left behind when he installed a power supply in the shed a few months ago. Who says I am not resourceful?

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