Willzilla Is Jealous Of My Offensive Face!

The saga of me and my offensive face continues today.

Last night in an act of defiance, that I’m sure has not been seen for hundreds of years, I put my picture back up on Twitter. That will show the world, and nobody died or got injured with my protest.

This morning I found that nobody had complained about it. Or maybe the person who complained has not seen it yet. Or maybe Twitter have realised that they can not keep me and my potato-faced form from appearing as I have no life and will happily sit here all day uploading that picture time and time again. I am also childish enough to do it.

If that wasn’t excitement enough Will (also known as Big Will. Willzilla & Willabella) has publicly announced on his Twitter account his desire to remove my face in real life, no doubt because he really fancies me and wants to do weird things to my facial skin. I know his sort, he’ll be wearing my facial skin and doing freaky dances to please some sex God. I read about it once in The Daily Mail so it must be true.

I managed to get a bit more work done today, I found out that my sisters and my mother have given me a stay of execution and are not coming down until the weekend. This is good news as I will be out of the way for when they visit.

I received a message on Facebook last night from one of the many comedy groups I’m signed up with, reminding everyone of a comedy show tonight in Stoke Newington. It was free, had cheap drinks and was only a five minute rail ride from me so thought I’d go along and try and cheer myself up.

It was OK, mainly open mic guys who had turned up and were given spots on the fly.

I went outside during the interval and I spotted Dawn and her woman-beating boyfriend walking towards me. They spotted me, stopped, looked around and then crossed the road so they would not have to walk past me.

Six years on and it looks like she still has not forgiven me. I think there is more chance of me scoring free New York Yankees tickets then her forgiving me anytime soon.

I did not fancy going back in after that so I decided to walk home (I always walk home form Stoke Newington, along the canal, nice and quiet).

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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