Will I Ever Get It Right?

Well I didn’t get the sack. I was told that because it was my first time on my own that I would get a walk around again tonight so that the mistakes would not happen again. I was so relieved to hear that because I was so sure I was going to get the bullet that I even started contacting the agencies to see if they had anything else for me.

When I arrived at work the person who was supposed to walk me around to show me what I did wrong had already buggered off home. So I took the initiative and decided to find out where these three security alarms were before I started my shift. I found them and made a point of pointing them out to myself every time I walked past them.

The cleaners decided to take liberties and didn’t leave until 8:30 (they are meant to be gone by 8pm) so I had to rush around and turn all the lights off, close all the windows and lock everything up within the 30 minutes remaining. I was informed that I had forgotten to lock one of the main doors.

Will I ever get this right!?

On my way to the station I had THREE encounters with women holding huge umbrellas. They were so big that it was impossible to walk on the pavement, so I had to walk in the road as they came towards me.

What is it with people using huge umbrellas? Why do you need one that is so large you could fit a football team under it!?

Image by Nebraska Department of Education from Pixabay

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