Why Tim Berners-Lee Saves you Money on Car Insurance

Buying car insurance can be the biggest nightmare a vehicle owner will ever have to come across. If you are not a vehicle owner then I’ll grant you a couple of minutes to ask one of your driver friends or family members to see if they agree with me … did you ask? Did they agree with me? I told you so. 🙂

I do not drive personally but I have a lot of family members and friends who do and I constantly hear it first-hand about how frustrating it is to sort out their insurance, one of my friends has even gone so far as to give up driving because he could not handle the insurance hassle every year or so.

There are just so many different factors to take into consideration that will determine how much the insurers will make you pay to take up cover with them, your job determines the price, the area you reside in determines the price, the amount of children you have determines the price, your age determines the price, the type of car you have determines the price, whether you are male or female determines the price, even the colour of your hair determines the price. Ok, maybe that last one isn’t true but I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes true one day.

When some bright spark invented the internet back in the late 1960s I doubt he had any clue that thirty years later the entire world would use it to get cheap stuff and one of the biggest booms has been getting cheap car insurance in Texas and other States and countries around the world.

I would shudder to think just how much car insurance would cost you poor drivers if there was no internet because then there would be about 75% less insurers and thus no price lowering war. Just count your lucky stars that over 40 years ago so ultra brainy nerd decided to put his social life on hold to help you lot save money on your car insurance.

When your insurance next comes around for renewal maybe you should spend a weekend searching the internet and scour a number of comparison websites (there are quite a few) to see if you can save money instead of just moaning and complaining as you renew your insurance with your current insurer and hand over another wad of cash that you really can’t afford it.

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