Why Should You Wear the Right Bra Size?

There are a number of things that you should consider when purchasing a bra, particularly if you are a petite individual. It is important for you to avoid compromising on the size of the bra, either because you feel that the right size is not available or because you are hoping to be a different size than what is written on the tag (Source: 36aa bras by Lula Lu). For example, if you require a 36a bra bra, don’t go for a 34a bra and try to make it work. It will not only be uncomfortable, it will not look right and it will typically cause issues that are noticeable.

You should also keep in mind that an aa bra is certainly nothing for you to be ashamed of. You should wear it proudly and choose the clothing that is going to help you to look your best. Of course, it does all start with getting fitted properly for the clothing that you wear which is typically worn out of sight. You can usually do this measurement at home but it is important for you to be honest with the measurements that are available. Don’t tighten the measuring tape too tightly and don’t let it hang loosely on the body, just to make it fit one particular measurement that would be your ideal. Choose the bra according to the measurements that are available and keep in mind, it will not only make you look your best and feel comfortable, you are going to be the only one that sees what is written on the tag.

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