The title of this blog post was a quote from Reiss, he said it to me during training yesterday after I got into a row with a team mate and threatened to punch his lights out for talking to me like a cunt. The child was about 15 and yet he was talking down to me like I was some kind of mug.

I don’t take advice or feedback from Reiss. I refuse to listen to someone who once stood there and allowed someone to throw two pints of liquid over them, a person who once let someone come up to them and wipe their face and hands on their t-shirt without so much as I beg your pardon.

Most of the time violence is the only thing these cunts understand.

He’s not the only one who wonders why I am very happy to quickly resort to fisticuffs. These people will never understand because they have not grown up in the same environment as I have. Most of them have had very happy upbringings with nice families and everything they wanted provided for them on a plate.

They never had to fight for a single bloody thing in their life, apart from maybe jostling at the bar to get served first.

It makes me laugh when people say “there is never a reason to use violence, you can solve EVERYTHING by simply sitting down with the person and talking to them”.

Is that true? Are you going to sit a paedophile or a rapist down and try to talk him out of carrying out his sick deed? If you’re being attacked are you going to say “OK, let’s discuss this over a cup of herbal tea” or are you going to punch, kick and claw at your attacker to get him to stop?

I know violence is not a nice thing but sometimes the majority of the time it is the only language that people understand.

Image by Wendy Corniquet from Pixabay

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