Why Do People Hate to See Others Achieve?

Why is it that whenever you try and achieve something that other people could never achieve in a million years they have to try and sabotage it somehow? Is it really just down to pure jealousy over how shitty their own lives have become? Or is it something more deep-rooted than this?

Since 2007 I have been doing something that many people have been struggling to do for the past 20+ years, I have been making a living from the internet. It isn’t going to make me a shitload of money for me to retire to a sun-kissed island but it is definitely making enough to make my life more comfortable.

But my family refuse to let me do it and refuse to believe I’m doing it.

They think that I spend my time playing computer games. Today I lost out on the chance of making £200 for writing ONE article because my dad wouldn’t leave me alone for long enough to meet the deadline. Every 5 minutes he calls me to do some silly task that he is too lazy to do himself.

My other family members are no better, I have told them, showed them and even pleaded with them but they are having none of it.

Is it because their own lives are boring and shit? Or are they simply horrible people who don’t like to see other people progress beyond baby-making machines like they are?

Photo by Bryan Wintersteen from FreeImages

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