Whoever Invented Love I Hate You

Whoever invented the concept of love deserves to be stabbed in the eye with a blunt spoon! The evil sadistic utter cunt. Of all the things that prick could have invented he had to go and invent something that causes so much grief. Inventing the bomb or a continuous loop of James Corden’s stupid fat face would be better.

Sometimes I think dogs have the right idea. They don’t do love, they simply walk up to another dog, fuck their brains out, and then bugger off into the night with their tongue flapping in the breeze. They are so much smarter than us stupid humans with our pathetic emotions.

Spent the entire day running around West London like a blue-arsed fly trying to get some things for the move on Sunday. I bought one microwave, that was it. I got pissed off from going into shops to look at beds, fridges & cookers and being chased around the shops by the sales guy.

Why do they do this? If I want your help then I am quite capable of approaching you and asking, until then kindly fuck off!

I’ve let my mum’s husband sort out the van. He is the one driving it and he thinks paying by credit card is a lot safer than my idea of turning up with a wad of cash. I guess he is right if we go with a firm who offers credit card processing then at least we have some proof of purchase or whatever.

Photo by Claudia Meyer from FreeImages

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