When Saturday Comes?

Today was a weird one. I got up at my normal time and started getting ready for football but it was not until I had packed my bag and was about to close the door behind me that I realised we had played our last games of the season last weekend.

I now had nothing to do so I decided to go and watch Millwall play Carlisle. I have not been to a Millwall game in about two seasons and this was their last home game of the season so why the hell not go along and hope and prey that they can stave off relegation …. AGAIN!

I really missed not going to Millwall and I surely have to go more regularly next season, it was great doing all the things I used to do when I went in the good old days before I became a non-league footballer and enjoyed beer way too much, like scour the club shop, buying a pint of overpriced weak beer at half time, walking around the local shopping centre and grabbing a bag of chips after the game.

The game was awesome, Millwall pissed all over Carlisle (who were lying in second place before the game) and eventually won 3-0 thanks to a fantastic display by Neil Harris.

He set up Jay Simpson for the first goal, was fouled to be awarded a penalty, got up and took the penalty and then set up Tony Craig for the third goal as we walked away with a 3-0 win. It could have easily been a lot more had it not been for their keeper.

Not only did ‘Bomber’ get the man of the match award but at the end of the game every single Millwall fans stood up in unison and gave him a standing ovation as he stood there like a twat crying his eyes out.

I can not understand why Jackett has a problem with him, I’ve heard he is a model player and does nothing but put in as much hard work as he can for the club that he piningly admits he loves like a deformed son.

I went out with Reiss and Wes tonight. It was a decent night out, we had a few beers (and some shots) in the Mucky Pup and plenty of laughs. I don’t actually remember leaving the pub, getting my bag of chips or even getting home – must have been a good one then.

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