When Do You Take Your Christmas Tree Down?

So if you still have your Christmas tree and decorations up then you are due for some bad luck, because apparently you should take them down on the 5th of January. I took mine down before the new year, who leaves their Christmas tree and decorations up after the new year? If you are one of them then you are an absolute freak!

People tutted at me when they found out when I took my tree down (I don’t bother with decorations), but I don’t think there is any ruling on what exact day you must take your tree down, I’m pretty sure you are fine as long as you take it down before the 6th and don’t rip the tree down on December 25th and ruin Christmas day.

The way my life has been going for the past couple of years a little bit more bad luck won’t even be noticed.

Photo by Rob Kimball from FreeImages

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