When Did They Stop Calling It The Dole?

Days Without Alcohol: 18

I contacted my jobcentre yesterday to see if I could make a claim to get JSA while I am unemployed. The lady that I got through to had to run off a list of questions before she could tell me if I would be able to claim.

The more questions she reeled off at me the more I got the impression that she was bored, the tone in her voice sounded just like a typical Chicago accident attorney when some idiot comes into their office because they got run over because they were not looking where they were going and now want to sue the driver.

It took her 14 minutes to finish asking me questions but at the end she said it looks like I can make a claim. I have to go in on Thursday to sign the papers and make it all official.

This is the bit that I am dreading, I hated going into the jobcentre when I used to claim JSA as it was full of pikey scum yelling at the staff as to why they had no money. Outside was littered with people swigging cans of cheap cider.

Not a nice place to have to spend a couple of hours.

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