What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

I’m not too shocked that Millwall blew the chance of promotion. To be honest I’ve been following them since the late 80s and I am very used to Millwall blowing their chances. Get rid of that cunt of a goalkeeper, sort the bloody defence out and maybe next season we might have a chance to blow it all over again.

I did not get to watch the game at Wembley because I stupidly let my brother buy the ticket on someone’s credit card. There was no way the ticket office were going to give me a ticket that was in the name of someone I was not even related to. I don’t know why I even thought they would.

I went home after and made myself some homemade soup, which I then promptly dropped on the carpet in the front room. I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with me at the moment, earlier in the morning I poured myself a glass of coke and dropped the cup on the side and watched as a wave of brown fizzy liquid cascaded down the worktops and onto the floor.

Just now, I took a break from the computer and decided to unpack and plug in my sound system. I dropped the fucking plug on my bare foot! I’ve been stubbing my two big toes so much this week that they have become bruised and very sore.

I’m not sure if it is my subconscious trying to inflict pain on me in retaliation for some of my recent actions against some people I let get a tad too close to me. Maybe it is something to do with a chemical imbalance as last week I started reducing the amount of cigarettes I smoke and now I’m off them. Or maybe I’m just a clumsy cunt.

I am now into my third day of not smoking. I would like to say that it was a decision I made because I’m concerned with my health but as well all know that is complete bollocks (when have I ever been concerned with myself?), it is because I’m skint.

I’m making plans to go away for 9 days in September. There is a music festival happening in Seaford, I was meant to go there last year but things happened and I was unable to go.

But this year I’m determined to go. They have some decent bands playing (nobody well known) from different genres and it is a chance to drink the town dry of Sussex Best Ale.

The only draw back would be that Bethnal Green Celtic will play two games while I am away, if I can get cheap train tickets I might come back Saturday morning to play and then head back to Seaford in the evenings.

I went to Seaford last year for a weekend and really enjoyed myself after the first day so I’m hoping to have another blast this time.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

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