What Did Your Last Slave Die Of? Probably Exhaustion!

I have been running around pretty much all day today. I went to Tesco to get the rest of my dad’s shopping, I popped into the doctors to get his prescription, I went to the chemist to get his medicine (an entire bag full!), I went to three shops to get him his tobacco and I went to another shop to put money on the electric and the gas.

When I got in I cleaned from top to bottom the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, living room, hallway, balcony and my bedroom. Do you think he let me have a rest after doing all this?

Like hell he did!

No sooner had I tried to sit down. to have a quick sandwich. he was on at me to do another 100 things. One of my sisters turned up and he had a huuuuuge list of things he wanted her to do as well and he was not at all concerned that she was really ill.

He finally stopped demanding me to do things at around 2am when he fell asleep in bed. He was lying in bed from 9pm still dishing out the fucking orders!

I had no time to do any of the work I wanted to do. So I’ll be spending Christmas Day hidden away in my room working.

What fun that will be.

Merry Christmas.

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