What A Bloody Cheek She Has!

Last night there was a knock at the door, I opened it to be confronted by two women staring back at me. a fat woman and a skinny woman who I recognised as the busybody who goes around the estate and tells people off for having a dog.

Fat Lady: Hi, I used to live here.”

Me: “Yes?”

Fat Lady: “Erm, I was wondering if there was any mail for me?”

Me: “I don’t think so.”

Fat Lady: “is my shed still in the back garden? I want to take it to my new place.”

Before I could say anything my dad barged me out of the way with his trolley and invited the two women into the flat and I was banished into my bedroom.

I could hear them though. She was saying how she had to leave in a hurry and wanted her shed, my dad then offered to pay her for the shed. He didn’t check if she had actually lived there, he ddin’t ask her for proof it was her shed, he just offered to give her money.

That’s when I went out into the hall and she looked at me and then said she didn’t want anything for it and we could keep it as long as we were using it and treating it well.

I think she has a fucking cheek.

She has run up thousands and thousands of pounds in debt at the property, we have to make countless phonecalls to bailiffs and companies to tell them she has moved, and the shed is actually listed on the tenancy as part of the flat.

I don’t think she is entitled to take it.

You name it she ran up a debt in it, she even owes a college money for an it degree she was taking.

I couldn’t believe that. There were debts from the normal things like rent, council tax, parking tickets, Sky, BT, various loan companies and then a debt form a college for an it degree. I didn’t even know you could do that!

I’m not looking forward to when bailiffs come and try to take our stuff. :|

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