Well Look Who It Is!

Well hello there everyone. It’s been bloody ages and I’ve really missed you guys, we should have lunch sometime or maybe even a beer! How have you been doing? Really? That is awesome. Me? I’m fantastic, thank you for asking. :D

I have been neglecting my writing for the past month or so because I’ve been jetting of all over the United Kingdom being a naughty young man with some very naughty gorgeous ladies. Although I’ve been having fun I have also been quite poor due to no writing.

But now it is back to reality. I recently met someone and things are going well. Hopefully this will be the new beginning I’ve been hoping for since I split with my ex. She thinks I’m fit and her mate are cooing that I’m hot and gorgeous. Can you see my head swelling already?

Went up to Manchester to see her on Friday, a lot of people like my accent. I brought some new clothes, including some nice sweaters, but I ended up not wearing any of them. Still it won’t stop me buying more before I see her again.

Go lots of work coming through now as well so things are looking up. :)

Photo by Hugo Humberto Plácido da Silva from FreeImages

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