Weird Dream Episode #2

I was walking through the little garden next to Bethnal Green station, that is called Museum Gardens, I had a bag with me so I assume I was on my way to football training.

As I got to the end of the garden I noticed a lot of commotion outside the gates near the bus stop. There were people gathered around, police and paramedics scattered around with flashing lights literally all over the place.

As I left the gardens I noticed that Reiss’ mum and step-dad were standing amongst the crowd and they were crying, his mum was wailing like a banshee. I went over to see if they were OK and I saw Reiss lying on a stretcher being seen to by paramedics.

Jen was standing there crying. She told me that Reiss was sitting on the top deck of the bus when he was set upon by two guys who took offense to one of the international football shirts he was wearing, they stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach.

The paramedics suddenly started to carry the stretcher away, for some reason his mum and step-dad were now sitting on the stretcher as it was being carried, but instead of putting him in an ambulance they decided to get on the train with him to Whitechapel, where the hospital is.

As they disappeared into the underground I followed but I could not catch up with the stretcher, every time I started running the paramedics started running as well. I remember calling out to them to wait for me and his mum and step-dad (who were still sitting on the stretcher) turned to look at me but I could not catch them.

Then thousands of people came rushing at me from the opposite direction and I lost them.

It was at that moment that I woke up.

Photo by Petria Follett from FreeImages

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