Wedding Bells Are Ringing This Year

I just found out tonight that Jayson is getting married. I’m very pleased for him and if he has a stag night, or a little get together for the boys, then I’d happily make the journey down to Eastbourne to celebrate with him, tie him to a post and paint his genitals bright green. Isn’t that what friends do? :)

It seems everyone is getting married or is settling down these days. My two sisters have long term partners, Alfie is getting married in June, Baran is engaged, Jayson is getting married, Jen is married, Nicky is engaged. Thank god I am friends with people like Reiss and Adrian (who could not hold onto a relationship if it was glued into their hands) otherwise I might start thinking that I’m weird with my whole ‘relationships are evil’ philosophy.

I am starting to get annoyed with Facebook lately. I’m not sure if it is just me but I seem to have a growing list of friends who get really upset and clingy if I do not speak to them every couple of seconds.

I’m not as quick on the keyboard as most people so it might take me a little bit longer to reply than other people. If I don’t reply within five seconds then they think I’m being rude and ignoring them.

I have a feeling that I will probably stop using it after a while just like I did with MySpace & Bebo.

I noticed how old and worn out the taps in my bathroom are looking these days. Maybe it is because we have a new shower that makes the taps on the sink look old but seeing as we are redecorating I think I’ll ask my sister to buy some new bathroom faucets.

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

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