We All Have Weird Things We Do

There is someone that I speak to every now and again on Twitter who rescues snails on her travels. She will pick them up and move them to the side of the street so people do not step on them and die, this often makes her late getting to places.

That is weird, right?

Here is another thought that I had just now, why is it when I go for a walk in the pissing rain I feel so much happier? It is miserable, lonely, cold and incredibly wet yet I become so much happier even though I’m normally soaked to the bone by the time I get home.

The other day there was a thunderstorm and I yelped with glee as I put on my trainers and went for a walk in it!

On the way to work on Thursday it pelted down and everyone was running for cover except me, a lonesome weirdo with a huge grin on his face strutting down Hoe Street.

I know we all have little weird things we like doing but I seem to have more than most. I also like tomato puree sandwiches, the sound flip flops make and the smell when it rains after a lengthy dry spell, to mention a few more.

Mine might be weird but my friend Reiss’ ‘weird thing’ is bloody nasty beyond belief! He likes to mix a half pint of beer with a bottle of tomato juice! I don’t care how much you boast about it being the drink of the future, it is fucking awful and you should only do it in private you scummy bastard!

Speaking of scummy bastards, Wayne could not replace me fast enough at Bethnal Green Celtic. Now I’m not part of the club anymore he still thinks it is OK to come to me and ask me for favours.

I must remember that next time, I’ll punch someone in the face and then ask them if they can lend me a tenner, have a spare cigarette or if they can come round my house and sort my guttering out.

I’ve got to start making a bit of free time so that I can spend a couple of hours one evening submitting my blogs to as many web site directories as I can find. Submitting blogs to these will increase my traffic and hopefully increase the amount of income I earn from them.

There is a downside to website directory submissions though, it can get pretty boring having to submit the same information to many of them one after the other. Maybe it would be a good idea to do say 10 a day for a week.

Image by Etouale from Pixabay

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