Watching Millwall in Comfort

I have had the missus down from Manchester for the best part of a week and as much as I enjoy her company I don’t enjoy the way she spends money, so I was quite relieved when Sunday morning rolled around and I could put her back on the coach and stop the hole in my pocket getting any bigger.

Once I had put her on the coach I had a new mission and that was to find a pub that would be showing Millwall’s FA Cup Quarter Final clash against Blackburn Rovers which was live on EPSN. Although I have Sky at home I do not have the ESPN channel as it is a tenner a month extra and it a channel I would not be interested in. Having said that they have aired FOUR Millwall games on it this season.

Funds were a bit low so I was wondering how long I could make a pint last in a pub when I had an idea as the train pulled out of Oxford Circus station – what if I could find a live stream of the game on the internet and then hook my laptop up to the big 46-inch TV in the front room?

That is exactly what I did.

So instead of traipsing around countless pubs in London, and paying £4 a pint (and probably not even have a seat), I watched the game from the comfort of my own front room in my dad’s recliner chair with four cans of Tyskie beer.

Isn’t this how God envisioned people spending their Sundays? I think it is safe to say I’ve got it spot on.

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