Want to Design your Own Postcards? There is an App for That

Why do shops in resorts sell the same kind of Postcards? You spend lots of money going on holiday, cancel the milk, find someone to look after the pets, and when you get there you have a great time, but when it comes to picking postcards to send back they are very generic and don’t even begin to describe what you want the picture to.

It should not surprise you to learn that a web site called Stannp.com has launched an app for a number of mobile phone devices that can solve this problem for you. The app turns your pictures into a postcard with the click of a button.

This is a great way of taking the kind of pictures for the Mobile Postcards that you want rather than boring generic ones. And your first postcard is free, so what more could you want?

Photo by sanja gjenero from FreeImages

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