Very Bruised Kidney

I woke up this morning in even more pain in my kidney area than I was last night and thought it might be a good idea to take a walk up to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t something more seriously than simply a knock.

Normally it takes HOURS to be seen at the Royal London hospital, but to my surprise I was in and out within about two hours and was diagnosed with a bruised kidney. I wasn’t aware that internal organs could be bruised, especially seeing as I’m a fat bastard who has a mountain of fat to cushion these blows.

Obviously my dad has now got the roaring hump, like he always does when I am either hurt or ill, because I can’t devote 100% of my time to looking after him and he has spent the entire day sitting in his chair making snide remarks about me to anyone who will listen.

He will get even more irritated when I tell him I’m not going to be here for Christmas, I’m going to go and sit in hotel room somewhere and just be on my own, a much better option than staying at home with the family laying into me at every opportunity.

Maybe I won’t be on my own, maybe I’ll finally take the plunge and buy that guitar from musiansfriends I’ve been thinking about. After all, if you have a guitar you are never truly alone.

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