Uxbridge Town 4 Acton Town 0

Yesterday saw Acton Town travelling to a place called Warren Farm to take on Uxbridge Town. It took me ages to find the place because it is tucked away and is not where the map on Street Map claimed it was. (it said the first right under the bridge when in fact it is the first left, about a mile under the bridge!)

I still managed to get there before most of the team. Sadly out of the sixteen players who were meant to show up only eleven bothered to and three first team players were among the five who did not turn up so we had to put out a patched-up team.

I was actually really pleased with my general performance during the game. The first half saw us play the best I have seen us play in a very long time, maybe even since I’ve been here and we went in at half time 0-0.

We managed to hold Uxbridge Town until about the 65th minute before an own goal gave them an undeserved lead. A couple of minutes later and it was 2-0 and our heads dropped and by the final whistle we had lost the game 4-0.

I was a little bit pissed because I felt we deserved to get something out of the game, the only thing Acton Town got out of the game was £20.00 as I picked up my fifth booking of the season when I clipped a guy and he dropped like a led balloon screaming and rolling around in pain.

Me, Jayson, Martin, Edward & Nat went for a drink after the game and actually had a bit of a laugh, this is apparently going to be a weekly thing and I think it will be good as it will get the players bonding together.

Photo by Rotorhead from FreeImages

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