Urge To Kill Rising

I do not take games of pool too seriously. football on the other hand is a different matter, I’ll happily kick players all over the pitch in order to get those points at the end of the game. But pool is just something I play and don’t get upset at losing and am very gracious when victorious.

Last night I played against a rather drunk and obnoxious prick who insisted on trying (and he succeeded almost every time) in putting me off my shots and when he defeated me instead of shaking my hand he started shouting at the top of his voice and running around the table like a four-year old child would when beating their dad at a game of snap.

I merely smiled and sat down.

He continued to annoy me as he then took Reiss’ full pint of cider and spilt half of it on the floor (we did not know he had taken it until later). He also ordered 8 sambuca shots and dropped two of them on the floor.

When Reiss went to the toilet I almost got into an argument with the drunk as he wanted to put his bag, that was now covered in stolen cider and sambuca, onto my jacket and got angry when I refused to let him.

He annoyed Reiss as well so much so that his group were ordered to the other side of the pub out of our way to avoid them taking a kicking and me messing up a very nice pub.

We were booted out at about 11pm as there was nobody in the place, we ended up in the Old Queen’s Head where Reiss got talking to an Aussie guy and after years of denial he finally admitted that Dani could not stand me!

I knew it, I bloody knew it!

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

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