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I haven’t updated in a while. This is a mixture of laziness and the fact that I’ve not really had anything to write about. I wanted this blog to be an outlet for me to rant and rave about things and people who annoy me. This has not happened lately because people have been cool. Bunch of cunts!

I met Will for drinks before Christmas. That was cool, I like meeting him and his posh face. We went to a couple of pubs and then went back to his place, stroked his dog (who would rather stay outside in the garden than come back in and be stroked by me again!), drank cognac and smoked fine cigars like lords of the manor.

I spent the next couple of days sleeping as I caught the flu. I probably would have spent most of Christmas Day in bed anyway, but at least now I had an excuse as to why I didn’t leave my bedroom until 9pm to have Christmas dinner.

New Year’s Eve I went out with Reiss. That could have been awkward because someone else wanted to go to the same bash as the one I wanted to attend. Despite her promising that she would happily ignore me I decided not to go. This was a mistake because she now thinks I decided not to go to make her feel bad (not true).

So she decided not to go, I then decided to go. Two days before the day she announces she now wants to go, I still decided to go. The night before the day she announces she is not going and will go somewhere else. Make up your fucking mind love!

I had a great time, although things could have turned sour when Reiss got the hump with me for something I didn’t do and offered me outside. Luckily for him I didn’t accept the offer, I tried to talk to him about it and we are cool now. He probably doesn’t even remember it.

I grew tired at about 3am and headed off home.

Yesterday I decided to go to football. Just to try and lose the spare tyre I have acquired over the holidays. I thought it would be training but we were having a match and I was thrown back into the defence to make up the numbers.

I played well and was pleased with my performance. Although there is not much chance of me playing in league games. Well when the manager says that then you pretty much know which side the bread is buttered.

On the way home Reiss gave me a bit of news which put me on a bit of a downer. It left me wondering whether he told me because he didn’t think or whether he deliberately told me to see if he could provoke a reaction from me.

I’m feeling pretty shitty now.

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