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Last night I was writing out a new version of my About Me page. I had written it a while ago and a lot of what I had put down was outdated and basically a piece of rubbish. If you own a blog then your About Me page is without doubt your second most important feature.

When I got to the part about my career with Acton Town for some reason I decided that I needed to know how many appearances I had made both for the first team and the reserve team. I checked the club web site but I could only find last season’s stats and I was not happy with the result.

So I went to Football Mitoo and I scoured through the two seasons we were with the Hayes & District League and the two season we were with the Middlesex County League and after a couple of hours I ended up with the final count.

I played 73 first team games, scoring 1 goal, and for the reserves I played 22 games and scored 1 goal. I am currently the most capped player at the club. So if we do OK in the various cup competitions next season I could end the season with 100 appearances!

I’ve been at Acton Town for four seasons now, 73 first team games does not sound a lot but I have only missed one league game (Zico took my place and I could not go on as a sub as I forgot my shin pads) and one cup game (the trains were messed up).

I did not even bother to count the yellow cards and red cards, apparently I am keeping the club afloat with my card fines. :)

I might not be their best player but I’m am obviously the most reliable. :)

Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay

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