Update On The New Flat

I can not move into the new flat yet because the place is an absolute mess. The walls are filthy, every room is full of rubbish, crap and filth, the ceilings are covered in cobwebs and the garden looks like a local rubbish tip.

The doors all have holes in and most of the socket plugs have been smashed.

I have no idea how anyone can live in this kind of condition. The more I clean the more I become angry.

The bathroom is done. I just need to paint the walls and put in a new toilet seat. The small hallway just needs the walls and ceiling painting and the flooring replaced. And I am half way through cleaning up the kitchen and the garden.

The garden really made me angry. It was jam-packed with junk. On the right was a wheelie bin full of rubbish which had cobwebs and mould growing over the top of it. Next to it was a park bench which had about 15 black bags on it which all had food in. The bags has snails, spiders, woodlice and mould growing on them.

On the left is a fridge, a cooker, three double mattresses, lots of wood and even some wheels that I believe belong to an atv vehicle. I can’t remove the mattresses, the fridge or the cooker because I need to hire a van to have them disposed off properly.

How the fuck can you live like that? They had kids living in that fucking house for crying out loud!

It is going to be at least another month before it will be clean enough for me to move in. I think they are taking the piss by having the nerve to charge me rent right now as I won’t be able to move in until I’ve finished cleaning up the mess they left.

Oh and I have found a mouse.

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