Under The Thumb Already?

Miillwall were on Sky last night. It doesn’t happen very often (although we have another game in a couple of weeks) and it was a big one against Leeds United. I had been looking forward to it all month. Bumface doesn’t have Sky so I was going to pop to the pub and watch it.

She said a couple of weeks ago that she would come with me. On the way back to hers she text me and told me she didn’t want to go out as it was too wet and cold to walk three minutes to the pub.

That was fine, I was still going to go and would pop back at half time to make sure she was OK.

She didn’t want me to leave her on her own so I had to miss the game which really put me in a bad mood because earlier I had a row with the jobcentre as they suspended my claim for not signing on when they were on strike. Yeah, you work that one out.

I ended up listening to it on a shitty little radio with hissing blaring over the game.

I’ve made preliminary plans to meet Will and Reiss later on this week but I have a feeling she will kick up a stink about me going.

Things need to change very soon.

I’ve stopped taking my depression treatment so maybe I need to go back to the doctor and get some more.

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