UK NFL Fans: Things Are Only Getting Better for Us

Living and growing up in the United Kingdom means that us Brits are exposed to what we like to call “the real football” as children and not the other kind that our friends from the United States play. But thanks to the introduction of SKY TV some of us not only heard about it, but started to become fans of it.

A few years ago someone in the NFL had the bright idea of scheduling some games in the United Kingdom – and what an idea it was! They now put on several games a year an they are always sold out within hours (sometimes minutes) of the nfl tickets going on sale.

And now is probably the best time to look for tickets because since the UK government have decided to crack down on ticket sites charging ludicrous fees there are a lot of sites popping up that offer No Fee NFL Tickets an tickets for plenty of other shows, games and events.

Photo by Penny Bubar from FreeImages

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