Tyres in the Thames

Why should it be anybody else’s business what I do with the money that I earn? If I choose to help my girlfriend out by buying her some furniture for her flat then it should not concern anyone else apart from me and my girlfriend, my family have decided to stick their noses in and have called me and my girlfriend every name under the sun.

Maybe if they took as much interest in their own lives as they do in mine then they would have a better way of life and their kids would not be such little shits. Ooooooooh burn bitches. 🙂

I was feeling rather down today so I took myself off for a walk and ended up walking by the River Thames, which is probably not somewhere someone who has bipolar and is feeling down should end up, but it was low tide and if I did throw myself off I would have landed head first in the mud and I didn’t fancy that ending up on YouTube.

There were a lot of people scrambling about in the mud picking up the rubbish that had been unveiled by the temporarily retreating tide. There were quite a lot of car tyres, I would expect that kind of thing in your local canal, but who in their right mind is going to various bridges along the Thames and hurling their unwanted tyres into the water? Surely dumping near your home, and pretending they are nothing to do with you, is easier?

Is it wrong to have a stair lift installed in your home if you are not old or disabled? Growing up I have known a fair few people who use them and I have had a cheeky ride on them when they are not looking. What about if you don’t have stairs in your house? All my rooms are on one floor, would it be lazy to have one that would go up along my hall way, sort of like an inside bus?

I suspect that it would, but I now want one!

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