Twitter: Your Face Offends People!

It is now the second day in a row that I managed to plough through quite a bit of work, this is a record that will surely stop tomorrow. Actually I’ve just remembered that my sisters and my mother are coming up to visit tomorrow, I am now certain I will spend most of the day in the pub getting away from them.

I went to a comedy show in Bethnal Green tonight. The premise of the show is simple, it is beautiful women (no ugly ones are allowed to apply) doing stand-up comedy to prove that women can be beautiful and funny at the same time.

Although they cheated, they had a man on as one of the acts, although he did look like a woman.

I thought I was safe sitting near the back but apparently not because one of the acts walked past me towards the stage and half way through her act decided to mention that she walked past a man that looked like he had Down syndrome (me!). Unsurprisingly this went down very badly and she died on her arse after that. Not that she was doing well before, but making jokes about Down syndrome was her kiss of death so to speak.

I did not take that to heart, I’ve actually had that insult aimed at me a couple of times before but that was back when I was a lot fatter I’m thinking maybe I’ve put the weight back on and I haven’t noticed.

Good job I will be out of the way tomorrow when my sisters and mother come to visit, I can do without them telling me how fat I am. It’s enough that they moan at me for not being tied down with a girlfriend, kids and a mortgage at 30.

What did annoy me though was when I got home I logged into Twitter.

Somebody had logged onto Twitter, looked at my profile picture and become so offended that they had immediately complained to Twitter about it. I’m not sure what is worse, that, or the fact that Twitter agreed that my face is offensive and removed my picture!

It is the same one I use for almost everything that requires a picture online (LJ, Facebook, Last FM, forum avatars, etc) and I don’t think it is offensive in the least as I’m just looking up into the camera, actually I would go so far as to say it is the best picture ever taken of me.

Wayne has just collared me online about helping fill in the league form for his football team again. He also wants me to help him sort out the term life insurance that his club need in order to play players. A bit over the top to insist on life insurance but there you go.

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

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