Turning A Corner?

I think things might be settling down now. We had a bit of a chat yesterday and managed to clear up a few things. It was nice to be able to sit down and not have a row. It was almost like two adults having a talk!

I found out why she was in such a bad mood the previous night. I found out when she woke up and got out of bed, I had no idea women could bleed so much! I’m being sensitive and have not made any period jokes yet.

I had to walk all the way from her place through central London to Bethnal Green to my house as I did not get my money form the Jobcentre. I gave them a bollocking on the phone and they said my money would be in my account in the morning. Do we believe them?

We’re going into Central London for the day in the morning (Friday) to spend the day together. It will be the first time she have been out of the house in over a week so that will be nice. I’ll take her to a pub or two.:)

Did you know that there is a magazine devoted to the skin condition acne? I could not believe it but even the name Acnezine is a brilliant name for the publication. Even if you don’t have acne go and read the magazine.

Photo by Francisco Navarro from FreeImages

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