Turning 30

Today is my birthday. I try to keep it to myself especially as this year I am hitting the big 3 0.

My sister bought me a bottle of Jack Daniels and a t-shirt where it lights up a small piece of plastic that you can write on like a walking blackboard. Her boy Jack also made me a card which I thought was very nice.

Reiss wanted me to come out and have a couple of beers with him and his girlfriend, and I did want to, but I was knackered from work and decided to take a rain cheque. That is a weird expression, what exactly is a rain cheque?

I’ll go out with him tomorrow and have a few beers.

Work is going well although I am now doing the proper lists I am finding the phoning part quite difficult, especially when I have to phone places like Russia or Norway who don’t speak English.

Turning 30 isn’t so frightening.

Image by Artturi Mäntysaari from Pixabay

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