Trying To Ease Back Into Work

My iPhone is dead, my brother took it into his local Apple store and was told that the person who I bought the phone from had jailbroken it and it had ruined the phone and there was nothing anybody could do to bring it back to life again, I might as well throw it in the bin.

I am surprised this has not left me more annoyed and angry than I thought I would be as I have effectively been conned, maybe I’m as angry and I should be because being without the phone over the weekend was quite nice? I only really have mobile phones because people get annoyed with me when they can’t get hold of me.

Since I have been back in London I have struggled to ease myself back into my work, this normally happens when I am unable to do any work while I’m away for the weekend, maybe I should get one of those mobile broadband dongles for my next journey.

Today I downloaded an album called ‘Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time’. It is basically a collection of the top guitar-based songs going back nearly 60 years, I only thought I would enjoy about a dozen of them, although it isn’t influencing me enough to rush out and buy a Schecter Hellraiser anytime soon I have found that I am thoroughly enjoying the majority of them.

This is why I will never be successful, instead of working and earning money I am wasting my days downloading albums.

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