Trying To Change

On the whole the past week has been a good week for me, in fact the only downer was when I tried to explain to someone why I am the way I am and made her so incredibly angry at me. I tried to use words instead of violence (not that I’d hit her, I’m not a complete cunt) and made things a million times worse.

I am trying to change, I’ve actually gone four days now without being in a bad mood or having a fight with anyone. It may not sound that impressive but anyone who knows me offline will vouch that going four days without having a fight or being a grumpy fucker is very impressive!

I actually stole her name today. 🙂

Someone I know is having a baby and she invited some of us round, the new me did not decline the invite and despite her frequent mentions of the potential state of her minge after the birth it was rather enjoyable. The evening I mean, not her minge, although her minge is very nice but don’t tell her boyfriend about that.

She is having a girl and was pondering about names. Some of us offered up names (I was being rather silly and putting forward names like Salmonella). Someone put forward Georgina which almost everyone liked.

She wanted a middle name as well and I suggested the name Thespina. I really like that name as it has meaning, you get a special day where people give you presents , it is an anagram of thespian and ‘ thespian’ sounds like ‘lesbian’ with a lisp.

She repeated it a couple of times and you could tell every time she said it she was warming to it. So the baby will now be called Georgina Thespina Sciberras. Which I personally think is probably the best collection of names ever.

Almost every time you will get either a crap first name, a crap middle name or a crap surname, this baby has three cool names.

At football training yesterday I received 2 complements from someone which worried me because a) he never complements anyone ever and b) he is an awful cunty bastard of the highest order.

He made a comment about how I have lost quite a bit of weight (I don’t think I have), which was nice, but then he said I looked good these days which I found slightly worrying and very creepy.

Football was good. I turned on my ankle after about five minutes but managed to fight through the pain to have possibly one of my best games in a long time, I even went up the other end and bagged a couple of goals.

If Reiss does not give me the man of the match award I shall kill him. No I’m a new person now, I’ll sit him down and bore him to death with something tediously pointless like how George Galloway is an arse.

I’ve done it before Reissy boy!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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