Trouble Follows Me Like A Bad Smell

I was about to board the number 254 bus opposite Hackney town hall when there was a confrontation going on inside the bus between two black men and another black man. I was told afterwards that the two black men had tried to snatch the other black man’s money at the cash machine and had followed him onto the bus to try again.

Within seconds it kicked off as the two men attacked the other guy from behind and he ended up tumbling off the bus as they laid into him, he ended up on the pavement with these two guys kicking and punching him like wild animals.

Everyone was just standing there, some where watching and some where pretending to check their watches or read their papers. I decided to help so I dropped my bags and waded into the two men who were still punching and kicking him like a football.

I pulled one away and told him to let it go, he then realised his hat was on the bus (the bus driver had now shut his doors) and started banging on the door for his hat. I grabbed hold of the other guy and pulled him off and he took exception to me sticking my nose in and punched me in the eye, I placed my hand around his throat and slammed him into the side of the bus.

The sound of police sirens was heard and the hatless guy grabbed his mate and they legged it across the road and down a side street. A woman who was on the bus and was pushed off when the fight started came to help the other guy retrieve his stuff.

The bus was still at the stop but the driver would now not let me, the women or the attacked man back onto the bus. That was a big mistake because although the guy walked away the woman and I still wanted to get the bus and the people on the bus tuned on the driver in a flash.

He eventually relented and let us on as a huge black woman was screaming at him for not doing anything and just sitting there. As the bus pulled away we saw the two black guys walking back across the road probably looking for the guy they attacked.

Then it was my turn.

I have had some ear-bashings in my time but I have never been verbally attacked by a bunch of people like I did on this bus. I was repeatedly told that it was stupid of me to get involved as they could of had a knife. Yet they then started having a go at bigger blokes who just stood by and watched.

To be honest it did not cross my mind that these two guys might have a knife, I just saw two blokes who had tried to mug this guy and were now attacking him like two cowards and nobody was doing anything to help him.

It is no all bad though, the hat was stolen by a young lady.

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